Consistent high performance. Competitive lifetime costs. Meeting your exacting demands.

Your markets are tough. Critical, high-stress applications face ever-more taxing demands. You have to seek out products that offer total reliability, minimal downtime, efficient production, maximum safety, full traceability, consistent high performance, complete compliance and reduced costs. Choose LoneStar fasteners, gaskets and components for your applications and all these benefits are guaranteed.

We operate in five distinct vertical markets:

  • Oil and Gas specialising in durable, reliable fasteners optimised for harsh environments
  • Petrochemical supporting on-shore refineries with a regular supply of fasteners
  • Power Generation providing utility companies with high-integrity fasteners that reliably deliver consistent power
  • Renewable Energy ensuring continuous high performance components to meet the industries growing demand
  • EPC supplying EPC contractors on long-term contracts or framework agreements

In order to provide predictable delivery dates and/or organise deliveries matched to your production schedules, we've developed business models that we can marry with your forecasts and production software. We also maintain safety stock to meet sudden demands. You can always count on proven on-time, right-first-time delivery with the associated benefits of reduced costs for purchasing, receiving and moving inventory with LoneStar.

Wherever in the world it's required, you have the full support of our global companies' expertise, local skills and flexible stock management.


Our quality products can be found in a wide range of applications across all energy markets.

LoneStar Product Applications
Valves Actuators
Pumps Wellheads
Christmas Trees Pressure Vessels
Heat Exchangers Turbines (Gas, Steam, Offshore Wind)
Drilling Equipment Oil Rigs/Platforms
Offshore Cranes Subsea Reactors
Pipelines Skids
Refineries Petrochemical Plants
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